Harmeet Kaur Dawar

The idealist

Harmeet, a co-founder, is a big time dreamer and a strong believer in her thoughts and beliefs. A graduate in Mass Media with a Masters degree in Development Communications, she has worked in the NGO sector with organizations like Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan, The Akshaya Patra foundation and Craftroots. She is associated with World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper and Young Leader-Fellow at Young Connectors of Future Programme of Swedish Institute, Sweden. Besides this, she is a scholar at Thomson Reuters Foundation and participated in Trust Women Conference hosted in London. She also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit which gave her an opportunity to be on the Mentor Board of The Gujarat University Startup & Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC).

The Pink Foundation is her dream project. She has dedicated herself to it with complete devotion and gusto. She has experience in issues relating to Dalits, Women Empowerment, NREGA and Craft Artisans.

In her breathing spell, Harmeet likes to read fiction novels and recount extraordinary stories of the people she meets. She also loves traveling solo. She can be reached at harmeet@tpfworld.org.

Manmeet Dawar

The overseer

Manmeet, also a co-founder, monitors the general administration. She has master's degree in Human Resource and diploma in Management. In addition to acquiring 11 years of experience in retail, BPO, B2B, human resources and training; she is now a business consultant for different companies. She is now a Changemaker with GAP (Global Action on Poverty) where she will be representing The Pink Foundation, along with working on an initiative to eradicate poverty and create impact in the society.

Her administrative strength has helped the foundation to get a promising outset. She took this initiative as a challenge and works hand-in-hand with other team members to reach the ultimate goal. For her, everyday is a new challenge and living up to her own expectations is her passion.

During her free time, she loves to read and listen to the music. Her interest in interacting with new people has encouraged her to participate in few online programs under the banner of Accumen. She can be reached at manmeet@tpfworld.org.

Jasneet Kaur

The Ally

A lawyer by profession along with a staunch advocate of women's rights and issues, Jasneet is overseeing the recently launched Chandigarh branch of The Pink Foundation. Having 6 years of legal practice in Delhi and Chandigarh , she wishes to empower women and children through this platform. With the guidance of other members, Jasneet aims to outreach the work and objectives of The Pink Foundation to other parts of the country.

Jasneet is a trained Kathak dancer who also loves reading and travelling. In addition, she is an avid sports fan and adventure sports enthusiast. She can be contacted at jasneet.tpf@gmail.com

Ajay Iyer

The bookkeeper

Ajay is a well-educated and extraordinaire moneyman. Owning various degrees in significant courses like M. Com, C.S., PGDHRM and Inter C.A., he has more than 6 years of experience in accounting, taxation and finance management. With this vast expertise, he manages all the financial aspects of the organization.

In his spare time, Ajay loves to participate in various outdoor sports. He is also a regular gym-goer.

Bhavi Dwivedi

The wizard/wiz

Armed with a degree in MBA Finance, Bhavi works full time in beauty industry and real estate sector. She supports slum children by conducting vocational sessions like drawing, sketching, physical exercises etc.

Being an ardent art lover, Bhavi enjoys painting and practicing dance forms such as Bharatnatyam and Kathak. Her hobbies revolves around nurturing the child with a creative and artistic seed.

Kaushik Shah

The lensman

Kaushik is a gifted photographer. He has an amazing ability to capture the essence of the moments, and the personality and spirit of the subject. His fun-loving demeanor makes him favorite among our kids.

He captures our foundation's moments of affection, warmth, and joy with patience and creativity, which are his best assets.

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